The Zenith Child

The Zenith Child



“Zenith is a supportive environment. We all work together to make the lives of the children in front of us change.”

Daniel Steel, The King John School


Schools that work closely together have a unique opportunity to provide each pupil with an excellent education that improves their life chances.


Primary schools have access to resources and teaching at partner secondary schools, making transition an enriching rather than a worrying experience. Zenith primary school children settle in quickly at MAT secondary school and sixth form places are available to pupils across the Trust.

Inter-school learning and cross-subject learning are a real part of the daily curriculum, rather than just an aspiration. Pupils benefit from teaching and staff expertise from across MAT schools, broadening their horizons and exposing them to fresh viewpoints.

Zenith schools also offer an ‘entitlement curriculum’, designed to open up opportunities that develop each child’s aptitudes, interests and skills.

As Steve Durkin, Head of Castle View School, says:

“We were able, due to Trust support, to embed in our curriculum that it’s just as important to see a show or have the opportunity to learn to play an instrument as it to be numerate and literate.”

By nurturing individual talents and skills, Zenith Schools can work with pupils and parents to create the very best journey for each child. Gifted academic children regularly succeed at A-level and progress to Russell Group universities. Children with practical and applied skills often choose a vocational path, heading towards apprenticeships or technical degrees.

Everything we do is based on our understanding that each child has unique talents and faces unique challenges. We never give up on any child, particularly those who face the most difficult personal or health problems. Indeed, the support we give these pupils is unique – and delivered through our innovative programme ‘Zenith Minds’.

“My Year 6 children access senior school from July. No other schools have a secondary environment that early. Our parents adore the fact that students do not feel overwhelmed in year 7. July was always seen as a ‘dead month’. Instead of winding down, it revitalises us all. For secondary, the students are ready to go.”

Cristina Portoles, Laindon Park Primary