Each school within the Trust has school-specific policies which can be viewed on their website (see Our Schools).

These policies complement the key Trust policies used by every school within the Trust.

Trust staff should contact Claire Day  for the password to protected policies.


Sickness Absence Management Procedure – Download 

Grievance Procedure – Download 

Discipline Dismissal Procedure – Download 

Flexible Working Policy – Download 

Redundancy and Restructure Policy – Download 

Capability – Performance Management – Associate Staff – Download 

Capability – Performance Management – Teaching Staff – Download 

Equality and Diversity in Employment – Download

Recruitment Procedure – Download 

Probation Policy – Download 

Leave of Absence Policy – Download 

Code of Conduct Policy – Download 

Code of Conduct Addendum during Covid – Download

Pay Policy – Download 

Data Protection

Consent Procedure – Download 

Security Incident Policy – Download 

Data Handling Security Policy – Download 

Statutory Requests for Information Policy – Download 

Records Management Policy – Download 

IT Credentials Management Policy – Download 

Biometric Policy – Download 

Portable Storage Device Policy – Download 

Data Protection Policy – Download

Freedom of Information – Download

Handling Subject Access Requests – Download

Personal Data Minimisation Procedure – Download  

Security Measures to Safeguard Personal Data – Download 

Surveillance Management Procedure – Download 


Fixed Asset Policy – Download 

Financial Reserves Policy – Download  

School policies

Reduced Provision Policy – Download  

Home Visits Policy – Download 

Home Visits Policy Addendum during Covid– Download 



Whistleblowing Policy – Download 

Technical Support SLA – Download 

Complaints  – Download

Child Protection & Safeguarding – Download

Procedures for Dealing with allegations of abuse – Download

Social Media Policy – Download

H&S Intent Statement – Download

Acceptable Use Policy – Download