We offer a range of specialist services and can provide a high level of support on key areas.

Reducing the admin schools normally deal with creates the opportunity for empowered teaching that delivers empowered learning.


“As a headteacher I often can see the possibility but never the time. With Zenith, the possibilities are made real”

Cristina Portoles, Head, Laindon Park Primary School & Nursery


Zenith has access to specialist teams that are skilled at solving problems and creating opportunities. This not only frees up the time of school staff, but also helps schools achieve better results for each child. Collective spending power helps budgets go further. Schools that can focus on exceptional teaching, learning and pastoral support attract more pupils. Greater opportunities for teachers across MAT schools attract the best talent to the school team.

Handing over administrative worries in this way is a virtuous circle that creates better outcomes for individual pupils – and results in happier, more motivated teaching staff.

These are just some of the ways Zenith MAT supports schools:


  • HR. A dedicated team is on hand to help all MAT schools recruit teachers, NQTs, specialists and governors. This allows headteachers to reach a wider pool of talent for each role.


  • Finance. Collective budgeting brings greater bargaining power and bigger savings. Our experts can also help apply the principles of curriculum-led financial planning, bringing in consultants to adapt and structure the school curriculum so that it gets results and releases more money to do extra work.


  • Marketing. School leaders who are focused on their pupils rather than on admin succeed better and improve faster. This allows our MAT-wide team to market a school’s particular strengths and successes to a wide audience.


  • IT. Shared ICT purchasing and support across all schools means better equipment, fewer problems, more frequent upgrades and the opportunity for all pupils to participate fully in a rich, digital-age curriculum.


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“Finances have improved – we have saved £200k for new building work. We’ve been able to invest in expanding the school. Our intake has increased which had brought in revenue. Data has improved as teachers are focused on pupils.”

Cristina Portoles, Laindon Park Primary School & Nursery