Alan Mechem - Head of Marketing and Communication

School leaders who are focused on their pupils rather than on admin succeed better and improve faster. This allows our MAT-wide team to market our school’s particular strengths and successes to a wide audience.

Our schools have so many positive elements to share with the wider community; from their emphasis on their core values to the broad and engaging curriculums they share, the journey of the Zenith child is at the very heart of each school.

Parental communication is fundamental at each school. As well as using tailored, bespoke digital methods to ensure that all messages are delivered directly to parental emails and/or devices we also put a big emphasis on our social media platforms to share student work,  progress, events and to re-enforce communication that goes home.

As well as all the external advertising, including articles in the press, the Zenith Marketing Team is responsible for the school websites and signage. We strongly recommend you follow our schools where possible on social media as the range and wealth of content that comes out of each school is truly remarkable and a real window into the classroom.