Trust Student Voice

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Student Voice is fundamental to our mission of providing a quality education and experience for all.


Our vision is to amplify student voice in all our schools, and Trust, thus developing both our students' interpersonal/leadership skills, as well as improving our educational provision. By working together in this way, we can also create a greater sense of 'belonging' and 'community'.


We aim to do this by:

  • Providing opportunities for our students to work in collaboration (beyond their individual schools)
  • Ensuring there are regular opportunities for our students to speak
  • Taking the time to listen to their views and commit to a dialogue on the topics that they raise
  • Actively providing platforms for feedback
  • Striving to reinforce a culture of positivity and dignity that cascades through all our schools, and contributes to raising aspirations.


At a Trust level, our newly-created Trust Student Council is allowing us to create a sense of a wider family, ensuring we are never too far removed from a student's experience on the ground. We focus on cross-cutting themes, where we can harness our greater resources to make a real difference. 


Throughout the year, we have three conferences that are partly driven by what our students have to say, but also our CEO/Trust Headteachers can suggest topics too. The students can then speak to our CEO, who reports back the findings to the Trust.